Megan + Chris - Engagement Photography // Grapevine Botanical Gardens / by Chris Johns

Megan + Chris are engaged!  This sweet couple chose the Grapevine Botanical Gardens for their engagement session and ended up with a lot of really great photos!  The Grapevine Botanical Gardens are a wonderful spot to take photos, and on this particular day, every other photographer in the area was there, too!  We had to do a lot of dodging around to avoid other photographers and their subjects, and did pretty well to keep others out of the background of our photos!  Haha, we're always up for a challenge!  Needless to say, Megan + Chris make a wonderful couple, and we are thrilled to be a part of their wedding day in March!  View their engagement photography gallery by clicking on the photo above, and for more details about engagement photography, wedding photography or wedding films & wedding highlight films, please contact us or visit our Facebook page!