Kirsten + Alex - Wedding Photography // The Jones Barn at Willow Creek Ranch / by Chris Johns

Kirsten + Alex were married at the Jones Barn at Willow Creek Ranch in Cleburne, TX.  We LOVED being a part of this wedding!  Kirsten + Alex are sweet friends of ours, and their wedding day was incredible from beginning to end!  Kirsten was surrounded by the most genuine and loving bridesmaids,  Alex had a fantastic set of groomsmen, and their families and friends were so full of joy for the newlyweds, and with  heavy rain in the forecast, the clouds literally parted above them, leaving clear, blue skies for their ceremony and reception!  It started pouring rain and hailing not even 10 minutes after the reception ended, talk about a huge blessing! Kirsten + Alex, there's not a doubt in our minds that you two will have a long and blessed marriage!  As you washed each other's feet during your wedding ceremony, so you will walk in humility and service of one another in love throughout your marriage.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for you both!  We love y'all!

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