Angie + Jesus - Plano Engagement Photography / by Felicia Johns

Engagement Photography at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX

Angie + Jesus are engaged! 

Angie & I met and became friends in 9th grade, so it's so exciting that it worked out that I got to shoot her engagement photos 13 years later! She and Jesus wanted some wide open spaces, big trees, lots of greenery and tall grass for their engagement photos - and there's no place I've found (yet!) that's as great as the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve for that! It's 200-acres of beautiful everywhere and it helped produce some amazing photos for Angie + Jesus! We endured the heat and bug bites - but I think it was so worth it for these images! 

Angie wore a beautiful, flowy blue dress for the first half of the session, and wanted to make sure to get a lot of movement out of it in some of their photos. I say that to point out that this girl really knocked all of those twirling photos we took out of the park! You'll see several of them below, because I just couldn't choose which I loved most! 

We really can't wait to be a part of Angie + Jesus's Fort Worth wedding this Fall! It's bound to be incredible, because Angie is in the wedding world herself! She creates beautiful custom bridal gowns and will be designing and making her own wedding dress, as well as the dresses for her bridesmaids! Wow! We can't wait to see what she dreams up and designs! 

Enjoy these sweet photos of a truly great & lovely couple! And if you plan a trip out to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve any time soon, take bug spray! haha ;)